Subject: Did someone say chapter 7?
Posted on: 2022-01-14 20:40:53 UTC

Why yes, I did!

First of all I'd like to apologize for not engaging with a lot of the really cool stuff you folks have posted here, as well as the recent discussion about the Blacklist's efficiency that has popped up. I don't feel like I have any useful input to offer there, but I'll go with what the community decides. The truth is that I'm not doing superb and funky myself for multiple reasons, and Hexmaster is, like, the one thing I can genuinely pour energy into aside from IRL stuff, but I'll try to be more active here when I can.

Right, on to slightly more cheerful waters! Without going into spoilers about this chapter, it's basically the conclusion to the first story arc of this project out of several I'm planning, and it's suitably dramatic as heck. And cheesy, too, but it was a ton of fun for me to work on, and I hope it will be fun for readers too. Lots of content warnings here, though: one heck of a lot of swearing, body horror in the form of a creepy non-humanoid monster, some detailed but non-excessive injury, corrosion and decay descriptions including BL9-adjacent ones, general spooky scary vibes, and... there might be some I'm missing, but these are the most prominent.

I won't ask anyone to check out Hexmaster at this point, partly because there's a lot of it by now, and partly because I've said my piece in previous posts about how much energy I'm pouring into this. No guilt-tripping and no pressure on my part because we all have things to be and places to do, and I can't expect anyone to be as passionate about this project as I am right now. But, well, if someone does decide to drop by the Hexmaster-verse, letting me know what you think here or on the Discord would mean a lot to me.

You can read chapter 7 here.

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