Subject: Update: Hexmaster has moved!
Posted on: 2022-01-04 10:55:32 UTC

I've decided to move my story to a Wordpress blog, both for storage/customization purposes, and because it will be easier to keep track of my audience that way. It will still be available on Wattpad, but the Wordpress version will be updated more frequently. Please ignore the fact that the domain is terrible, can't change it with a free plan (frankly, I'm glad I managed to figure out the user interface to begin with, lol). The new address of Hexmaster is right here. Do read the content warnings in my original post before deciding to read the chapters, though. I won't put content warnings on the Wordpress site unless I break out some seriously heavy topics, to avoid spoiling the experience for potential readers. I will link to each new chapter in this post and later posts on the Board, where I will give the appropriate Blacklist and other trigger warnings, promise.

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