Subject: I have now read a bit more of the fic. I am not impressed.
Posted on: 2022-01-08 18:54:04 UTC

In fact, it makes me glad that I'm not really in the Warrior Cats fandom. I read a few of the books a while ago, but that was it. With some other badfics that were reported on the Board, I lost my temper and was told to cool it. I rethought things a bit, and decided that I probably should not comment immediately when I'm really mad with a fic. I need time to calm down before I can look at the problems without completely losing it.

Problems in the fic:

The SPaG is not just bad, it's a Glaurunging mess, which is painful and difficult to read. There is a whole horde of mini-monsters.

"Butter mom wouldn't let her sleep not today."

This reminds me of Glen Warner, a badfic rescuee who was created from a grammar error. This butter mom might also be rescuable.

Starkit has a "serimony" instead of a ceremony.

I will stop now. Reading this fic is weary work, and it's not worth my time.


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