Subject: I think the tags have thoroughly turned off most people,
Posted on: 2022-01-10 11:11:18 UTC

from actually wanting to read the text of the fic. But again, that goes into the chicken-and-egg conundrum because there were people reading the fic who complained that the bad tagging failed to warn from squicks and triggers within the fic itself, and then the author decided to add more tags out of spite, causing more people to get mad about the fic. And when the fic went offline during the time where AO3 was reviewing the tags, they discovered that all of the tags covered things that showed up in the fic. Which meant the author tagged for the smallest details while they were writing, and/or the author specifically tailored the fic to enable them to tag for more and more things. So for STWWX, I would argue that the metadata was intrinsically part of the fic, which also in turn highlighted how a badfic could misuse the site it was being hosted on.

I can understand not hearing of it if you weren't reading things on AO3 in the fandoms that were unfortunately tagged by the fic, but it was very notorious. Fanlore has an article on it.

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