Subject: T-Board technical updates, 2022 (and questions)
Posted on: 2022-01-12 02:10:38 UTC

There's nothing important here, just a note a few changes the T-Board team's made lately

  • There's now a "Games" tag. Thanks to Neshomeh for the suggestion!
  • The Latest Posts page now shows the contents of the posts, hopefully making it more useful for anyone who wants to catch up on the Board without scrolling all the way down
  • Some of the HTML has been reorganized to make moving around with a screen reader, especially moving by landmark, easier
    • There are still more changes planned for Eventually

Now, questions for y'all:

  1. Are there any complaints about the Board or it's interface you'd like to make? Is there anything particularly confusing?
  2. Would people want the ability to collapse/expand threads? That is, would having the ability to click something near a post (maybe a little plus or minus icon) and have it hide the posts below tit until you click to expand it again or refresh the page make it easier for you to work with the Board?
  • Tomash

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