Subject: General reply
Posted on: 2022-01-15 03:24:32 UTC

First of all, thank you everyone for taking the time to have opinions!

Now, as to specific points:

  1. On the "Return to Messages" button: Having double checked what it does ("yeet you back onto the front page") ... would it make sense to scrap the thing entirely? Browsers have a back button, after all.
  2. On collapsing/expanding ... probably not worth the bother and explosion of front-end code, now that the idea's had a moment to settle down
  3. On search: Yep, I don't like the fact that the search routines give the impression that they've been infected by scrapcode or that Harry Dresden's standing around while they run either. This was a consequence of the fact that the RP Board's hosting would've wanted an arm and a leg to run anything nicer. Fortunately, newer versions of the database we're using (and newer libraries that let us hook up to them) appear to allow for a better search setup, but that'd require some planning, testing, and a maintenance window. So, in other words, I've got some thoughts, but it might be a bit before they go anywhere.

Thanks again for all the opinions and for sticking around!

- Tomash, who almost stuck his wallet name here because this message has just enough work vibes to make the muscle memory kick in

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