Subject: Good points, and more updates
Posted on: 2022-01-15 23:27:10 UTC

So, I got rather bored and made a bunch of the changes folks were talking about, as can be seen by the pull requests page, which shows code someone needs to look over before it goes into production . We will have, Real Soon Now,

  1. A "return to messages" button that goes back to the thread in question ... so long as that thread's on the front page. Making it work properly with threads back in the archives felt like it'd be an pain, so I haven't bothered.
  2. Improvements to the Board HTML to make it announce stuff like the fact that the "Welcome, X" thing is a menu you can click when using a screen reader
  3. A new search scheme, that'll both sort stuff in chronological order and lead to being able to do stuff like "search for an exact phrase" and thing OR other thing. This'll require some downtime to apply properly, but it should clear up the problems.

If we'll be going down, I'll be sure to post an announcement at least a day before.

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