Subject: Paging Sierpinksi - Re: Permission Slip, Take 3. (Hat is firmly on)
Posted on: 2022-05-10 18:54:23 UTC

First of all, I've got to apologise for taking so long to getting around to doing this, life, especially with work, has been beyond hectic for the last month or so and it's really taken a toll on me. That being said, things are starting to look up and so I've been able to give your Permission Request the full attention it deserves. I'm making this a separate post as your Permission Request is now about halfway down the second page, and not a lot of people go beyond Page 1 so I wanted to make sure this was seen.

Your characters and prompts have improved, it feels like there's more comedy in them, I feel like there's less errors and I like what I'm reading and seeing with your characters and how you've written the in the PPC continua. I'm not going to say it's perfect, but it's at a good level. To the point that personally I think, in other circumstances, I would be happy to push the big (imaginary) green button and say the magical words of Permission Granted.

Unfortunately that's not quite the case. I've got two problems with your Permission Request.

1) There's still no sign of a Beta (or multiple Betas), while as I've said I feel like your characters have improved and your overall writing is better, it's better to have a Beta and to have a Beta and work with them shows us that a) you're able to and b) you've been able to get your work into it's best possible state. And this is something that is mentioned in the Permission article on the Wiki and I feel like it is something that should be followed.

2) Your badfic. "Woody got Wood." Oh boy, I am going to have to use a load of brain bleach to get that out of my head. That being said, I did have a look at it. It's 300 words long (or just over), incredibly NSFW (as you've mentioned) and I'm going to be honest, it does not feel like the sort of 'fic (bad or otherwise) that you could make a convincing Mission out of that has the humour and style of a normal PPC Mission. That added to the fact it certainly feels more like a crack/trollfic than anything else makes me wary of anyone taking it on as a Mission, and certainly not as a first one. Also, can you include a link to your badfic in the Permission Request so that people don't have to go searching for it (for those who really want to look at it, one can find it in the Pit).

I'm going to be honest here, I'm feeling really conflicted at the moment, your writing is good but your overall request is just missing those couple of little bits that would make me comfortable to grant you permission, to the point that I don't quite want to deny you permission either, but I am going to have to say Permission Denied. I would say this, get a Beta, spend a small time with them really polishing up your prompts and your character bios, get a better 'fic to mission come back once more and we'll see then. Please do not lose heart, your are so nearly there and I would like to see Noman and Winifrey in action in the PPC (and I would happily Beta a mission if you wanted it), but not at this time.

Apologies, and good luck.


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