Subject: PG hat is off, but Re. your activity...
Posted on: 2022-05-12 04:21:39 UTC

If you want an example of what "quite active" looks like, look at Linstar. He jumped in feet first, asking questions, commenting on other people's stories and characters, engaging with the ongoing PPC+20 event, and creating discussions and games that have drawn other people in. That's the kind of stuff we mean when we talk about activity.

Now, this is just my impression, and I'll be happy to hear it if other people disagree with me, but I'd characterize your activity on the Board as relating primarily to getting Permission and discussing/RPing your own characters (and, well, a Gary Stu once). I don't see a whole lot of engagement with other people's topics or PPC culture (e.g., you lurked for how long and only just caught on to NM&NMs?). The one time I recall you commenting on a story post (mine, for full disclosure), your comment wasn't even about the story, but about a piece of fanart attached to it. You say you've beta'd for anyone who has asked, but I don't see a thread where you've volunteered since your first Permission request two months ago. And the one time we were in a Discord conversation at the same time, in #writing, I saw you talking about your characters rather than the characters in the writing samples under discussion at the time. I grant that that "here's what I'd do" is one way to give advice, but unfortunately, it corroborates what I perceive as a pattern of focusing on yourself first, others second if at all.

That makes me nervous about you having the keys to our sandbox. The ability to play well with others is important. I'm not personally convinced that I've seen you do that yet. For that reason, I support Novastorme's decision at this time.

Again, though, I'd love to hear it if anyone else has seen something I've missed. Maybe it's another story in the Discord, and that one conversation I was in was an outlier; it's possible, since I'm not in there all that often. Anyone care to weigh in?


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