Subject: Ah that makes sense
Posted on: 2022-05-10 21:44:16 UTC

Thanks Linstar, it's not unhelpful, don't worry about it. Just clarified something I'd got confused in my mind. I know Sierpinski has put a couple of threads on the Board asking for Betas that haven't had too many response but I wasn't certain if you'd agreed to do so on the Discord or something (I'm not on the Discord).

On your side note, as TheBefuddledBookworm has said, get a Beta, go through your request with them a few times to make sure everything's squeaky clean both with the Prompts and your character's bios etc. You can also use the Wiki if you're not sure on how something within the PPC works, or how a 'canon' character would act and make sure you understand that side of things as well (I will always recommend reading TOS as well), and if you're really worrying, there's a very helpful guide on the Permission page of the Wiki that helps: Right Here

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