Subject: I have a bit to add.
Posted on: 2022-05-12 14:07:58 UTC

I can vouch for Sier's activity. From what I've personally observed, he is fairly active in the Discord (or, at least, more active there than on the Board), and he doesn't just talk about his characters (although he does bring up his own writing and his own characters a lot). He participates in #badfic on occasion (I don't know how often, as I have that channel muted), and he and I once had a conversation about how we write vampires. From what I've seen in #badfic, his contribuations are often phrased in what I call "mission bits," with agents reacting to the specific badfic segment. He does talk about his own characters a lot in #writing but usually ties it into the topic. Depending on the topic, it may or may not be useful.

He has offered to beta many of my things (and others' works) via Discord when we ask for them. I have had him beta several of my missions and, while he is a harsh beta, he betas well and seems to know the PPC well.

There are other examples that I cannot think of (and Discord is being stupid with me right now), but Sier is active on Discord, although he often talks about his characters and what he would do in x situation rather than directly answer the question asked (then again, he has answered some questions directly and then gave his characters as an example).

Apologies if this was unwanted. I'll try and access Discord ASAP so that I can think of the other examples.


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