Subject: It was traditionally a thing,
Posted on: 2022-05-12 23:22:34 UTC

but I think in recent years agents just wear whatever when they're not on a mission, in whatever colours they want (provided it's not a Sue colour... probably). For example, I used to draw Agent Eledhwen specifically in the jeans and black t-shirt combo, but now she's gone back to wearing hanfu more Elvish clothing.

Some of the whole "everyone must wear black, preferably pants" was done for a visual contrast with the Sues being hunted, who often wear impractical outfits for travelling and fighting. So as long as Winfrey and Noman are dressed in a way that makes sense for their characters and what they need to do, you don't need to stick to any sort of uniform.

(Edited to add: you do need a flash patch, though! Because that may or may not be the source of a Somebody Else's Problem field that lets agents hide in plain sight in a Word World.)

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