Subject: I reckon it's still the *official* uniform.
Posted on: 2022-05-13 07:44:48 UTC

Checking my agent gallery, most of my active agents wear some sort of black top (the exceptions are Elanor - in Nursery - and Tango - who just dun't wanna). My feeling is it's expected that you wear PPC Black, but - Flowers being Flowers - there's not really any consequences if you don't. (If you're going to an official meeting, either Upstairs or with some agency outside the PPC, you probably do need to wear it though.)

I also feel like they do always wear a flash patch. In the case of Dassie or Steve, they have a couple of jackets, each with a patch on; in other cases, they might go down the velcro/armband route, or might just have lots of patches. I reject the very concept of the SEP-flashpatch, so they're cheap and easy to add for me. ^_^

A couple of pictures do hint at alternate possibilities - Terri might be wearing hers on a lanyard, while Mortic has a WhatThe mission pin for his cloak which might be serving the same purpose. (Mission pins were originally a hypothetical 'more elegant flashpatch', so this would fit for me.) But my general rule is "every agent wears a patch while on duty, which is most of the time".


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