Subject: Okay, this gives me an idea for CPP now.
Posted on: 2022-05-13 17:11:48 UTC

Which is weird because I haven't had ideas for them since, well, forever (a year ago?).

My idea being that they don't want to appear as harsh as PPC, so they are like "any uniform except black" instead of requiring a certain color, due to the association of black suits with Men In Black and the CPP agency doesn't want that.

"So, you're wearing black?" O'Ryan Keys asked. "A black... trenchcoat?"

"It's a duster, sir," said James. "It was a gift. I figured you needed me to look professional since this is an official meeting."

"Er, no, we don't," O'Ryan replied. "I mean, I don't. We would rather you be comfortable. But you can't wear black."

"Why not?" James asked. "It's just a color, like blue or orange. What's wrong with black?"

"Well, it's against the official dress code," O'Ryan said, "along with Sue colors and glittery overcoats, for one. And it looks hostile. We don't want to disturb the canons we're-"

"What's so hostile about black that isn't show in suit, like the dumb one you're wearing?" James interrupted.

O'Ryan sat straighter in his chair. "Formal is not hostile. Black fabric is. It mirrors Men in Black, both the movies and the men in the UFOs. It makes several canons uneasy. It makes people in World One uneasy. Uryy, it makes Minecraft characters uneasy due to the similarities with Endermen." O'Ryan crossed his arms. "We can't have our agents wearing black."

"But why?" James asked.

"We're not the enemy," O'Ryan said. "We're not trying to cause panic. We're trying to fix the Sue problem and then leave. We cannot dress in black fabric because a lot of enemies in canons dress in black, or (at least) the more extreme canons characters wear it. We don't want to cause panic."

(I hope this isn't bad, and it's not funny (oops?) but it explains things, I guess?)

-kA, who doesn't know why they wrote a semi-serious segment, but they did

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