Subject: That's not a problem if your character wears the same shirt everyday.
Posted on: 2022-05-13 02:18:55 UTC

cough David Null's Hawaiian shirt cough cough.

But, in as an actual answer, a) the only ones who wear black that are my agents are O'Ryan and Kittyauthor, b) David Null doesn't even wear black on missions. Like, it's explictly mentioned in one of my missions (published or not is a different question) that David Null had his Hawaiian shirt on. The other agents might be in black during mission time(tm), but David certainly doesn't, and c) all except David Null have (or will have, in K's case) the patch sewn onto every one of their shirts like kids in boarding schools 'cause I thought that was a requirement lol. There's gonna be a mission where K complains about the flash patch ruining the theme (mood? What would one call that?) of his clothes and David's just gonna say, "It's required. It hides us from canons." Probably with more cursing.

-kA, who really needs to rewrite K's intro mission because it went down from "they bicker but aren't enemies" to "they hate each other's guts" and that isn't The PPC Spirit (tm), you know?

(Edit: Grammar)

(Edit 2: Spelling, because I keep spelling "sewn" with an o.)

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