Subject: Permission Request
Posted on: 2022-08-02 21:06:28 UTC

Well, here it is. I finished it before the guidelines were changed, but it still holds up, I think. I don't expect the PGs to read both prompts now, but they're there for posterity.


Fire In The Stars is the fic I eventually settled on for missioning. It's set in the Star Wars universe, which I know well, and manages to bring in real-world military elements as well, which is also something I know about. My agents, being ex-army types, also know a thing or two about them. Aside from research and grammar issues, the fic also has a odd romance with "Kilo" Ren, including the protagonist apparently being more important to him than the map to Skywalker that he already killed a whole village for.

Aside from mission writing, I also plan to write some stories about the Infrastructure and Security departments, such as BM, the DIA, and Medical's Emergency Division. I also have some ideas about a firehouse operating in the New Cal colony.

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