Subject: To be fair, you don't need to get to the end of all 8k words before you do the Duty.
Posted on: 2022-08-03 14:38:40 UTC

The rule established in TOS is that the Duty should happen at the first major canon break. This might be harder to pinpoint in an AU (ask me how I know :P) but it's essentially the place where the fic does something so out of left field for the characters involved that they really just aren't in the same plane of reality as the source material anymore. That could happen at 3k words in, or even 1k words, or 500 words in depending on the egregiousness. That could be the Suvian killing off a canon character who shouldn't be killed off, a bad slash couple suddenly gaining godlike powers, or any other weird thing that's a good stopping point for snarky agent commentary and a starting point for agent action. That's why Sergio says 6-8k is a good badfic length, because there's more stuff to work with to determine the proper canon break moment for doing the Duty.

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