Subject: There's a time and a place for semantics.
Posted on: 2022-11-08 23:19:59 UTC

If you didn't want to think about the implications of those words in regard to US elections, you shouldn't have brought them up in a US election thread. {= P

Since you asked: Yep. Seeing as most people* don't commit violent crime, those who do are unlikely to do it again,** and "violent crime" doesn't even always mean crime that physically harmed a person,*** I lean toward empowering incarcerated people to improve upon the circumstances that pushed them toward crime** with rehabilitation, education, and agency.

* Source: There are still more people out of prison/jail than in it for any reason, right? Right?? If that's not the case, I'm done with humanity, just end me now.

** Actual source: "Why states should stop excluding violent offenses from criminal justice reforms," Prison Policy Initiative

*** Actual source: "When 'Violent Offenders' Commit Nonviolent Crimes," The Marshall Project


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