Subject: I think there has to be an appointing of representatives involved?
Posted on: 2022-11-13 06:51:38 UTC

Like, if we picked a body of smart people to vote on our behalf, then yes?

I mean, theoretically a certain level of education, intelligence, or at least life experience is already something we select for in our various representatives (except for when it very obviously isn't >.> ). So if we're a republic now, we'd be a republic then, too.

... Is suggesting that providing an equal education to all citizens ought to be a priority of any democratic republic/state/nation/whatever the same as suggesting there should be education requirement to be an elector? I feel like there's an important difference in nuance there? I hope so, 'cause I do think everyone should have equal access to education, and I do think compulsory basic education is a good thing provided equal access exists...

Yet almost all that stuff you said already happens as it is. -_-;


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