Subject: [raises hand] Define, please?
Posted on: 2022-11-11 00:02:11 UTC

"Republic", specifically. Because most of the time, in most of the world, it seems to mean "not monarchy". The French First through... Fifth, I think, Republics use the same word as the People's Republic of China, to pick two of a great many examples; anti-monarchists in the UK are also called republicans.

Historically, I know the original split in US politics was between Federalists and Democratic-Republicans, so I think there's something about States as distinct governments in there? But then you're talking about having Electors who are not the whole population, which is what everywhere does (at a minimum, on the basis of age). But also Linstar's reference wants democracy = direct democracy, which as far as I know no country does, so the distinction is meaningless.

And where does the Senate fit into this? The fraction of a Senator your vote represents varies wildly between US states; is that a Republic thing, because it's not directly connected to the population? Or is that something else entirely?


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