Subject: So would *that* be a Republic?
Posted on: 2022-11-13 00:00:04 UTC

Requiring a certain education level to be a member of the electorate, I mean?

Which isn't what you were actually proposing, because it would be SO open to abuse, of course - you start by closing schools in areas that vote against you for trumped-up budget or performance reasons, and then go on to require a specific form of "proof of education" not available everywhere. It's also fab for excluding immigrants of any kind, and anyone old enough that they didn't have access to the education system as a child. That access would be wildly different depending on demographic groups... oh, and it means institutional racism, or any other -ism, would reduce the number of electors in the affected group, because they would be disproportionately excluded from school.

But would it be a Republic? :D


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