Subject: Paging the techie types: can we fake a Webring?
Posted on: 2022-11-10 16:20:46 UTC

For those who are under about 30 years old, Webrings were banners that you could place on your personal website (back when the internet ran on personal websites) which would automatically link to other sites in the same ring. So you could sign up to, say, an LotR Fanfic Webring, and visitors would be directed to your site from other LotR fic sites, and on from your site to others in the ring.

Thing is, that sounds like exactly what the PPC needs. The Wiki exists, but it's not set up to send you to a given PPC writer's website, or show you all their stories, or even show you the entirety of one spinoff! Most missions are on GDocs at the moment, so one mission with a given agent won't necessarily let you find others, or tell you where it sits in a series. I miss the days of browsing an author's entire body of work (like this), and I feel like a PPC Webring would be a way to bring that back.

The internet suggests that it might actually be... dare I say it... quite easy to do? This article talks about cobbling one together from CSS and a JSON file on GitHub, while this one... er... does something? I don't know; if I understood it, I wouldn't be asking for help from more tech-y minds than mine. ^_^

The downfall of this idea might be that a lot of PPC "homepages" are either GDocs themselves, or on blogs (LJ and Tumblr spring to mind). You probably can't embed CSS into a Tumblr, and I'm positive GDocs won't let you; but might there be a way to create a weird hybrid... thing that would still work?


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