Subject: Ooh. ^_^
Posted on: 2022-11-11 09:14:43 UTC

Working backwards, my vague thought for inaccessible files is that we just fudge together some hub pages for them. A lot of older stuff has made it into one archive or another by now, and the stuff that hasn't... could be. ^_^ It's not perfect, but it should function.

If nothing else, your proposal to run it through the Board means it should work with the Wiki, right? Make a page called Oaken Thorinshield's Writings, categorise as a Spinoff, add the Webring, bam, done.

What are the problems with the Board 'hack'? You said it would be a fallback option, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious reason to use the more complicated-for-the-hoster version. Is it just because two page changes is going to chug on some computers, or what?

I'm guessing - or maybe hoping - that there's some way to make adding sites to the list at least partially automated. It wouldn't be ideal for the way to get on to be "message Thoth and hope he has time"; even assuming you always did, having to directly message a person seems to cut down on takeup. I know the example talked about GitHub; would that still work with the Board Hack?


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