Subject: "fake"? no.
Posted on: 2022-11-10 19:33:59 UTC

...But can we have a webring? Yes, yes we can.

The approach you described in the first link is actually a pretty good one. We host a data file everyone points to, which gets fetched by a snippet of Javascript and then the webpage figures out where it is in the webring and uses this to generate forward and back links (and a random link). Just stick a div in the page at the right place and put a script tag in your header, and you're all set.

However, as you have pointed out, we have to operate in contexts where javascript is not present. Fortunately, we have a website, so I can suggest a hack to use as a fallback. We provide the URLs{next,previous,random} or whatever else we want there to be buttons for, and when you want to add yourself to the webring you put a link to (and likewise for previous, random, etc). When you click the link, you get bounced out to the board's server, from which we can figure out where the link should go and redirect you.

Another thing we can actually do is utilize bookmarklets: you could have a folder on your bookmarks bar called "PPC Webring" with "next", "previous", "random", etc in it as bookmarks, and then when you click one it will run a bit of javascript that figures out if you're in the webring, what the next and/or previous site is if you are, and sends you there. Which would allow us to link docs we no longer can edit into the ring... But that might be a bit Much.

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