Subject: Aaaaaaaawwwwwww.
Posted on: 2022-11-15 02:20:05 UTC

Much as I hated seeing Harry fighting with Lily, I can understand his frustration. But I also understand Lily not really being able to infodump everything onto him at once. There's like, a whole fantasy setting's worth of world-building in his family history, complete with plot twists! :P Speaking of which, I'm glad Sirius didn't get blamed for James's murder in this timeline, and that Peter was found out immediately . . . But oh. Mr. Gaunt may just be a politician in this timeline, but he's an eeeeeeevil politician! so a politician then I'm guessing that even though Lily knows Gaunt is the one who sent the order, that's probably not common knowledge to the overall public, since otherwise. Uh. Otherwise a government official would be. Would be, um. Facing no consequences. For a crime he committed. That everyone, uh. Knows about. Because that never. Never happens. In real life. Yeeeeaaaah.


Anyway, glad your changes to the Erised scene were able to bring Harry and Lily back together a bit! And I like your modification to Harry's wish, as well. It's very appropriate, in this weird culture, to want to remove the cultural roadblocks between people and let everyone hang out together. : )

Oh, uh, you spelled Quirrell's first name wrong in a couple spots. It is a very weird name, even for this universe, and I definitely had to look it up, myself! So, it's "Quirinus," but you've got:
“—will make this very simple for you, Qurinius,”
“I’ll be keeping an eye on you, Quirinius,”

—doctorlit is caught up on the Board for the first time in three weeks!

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