Subject: Thanks for catching those mini-Aragogs!
Posted on: 2022-11-15 02:49:02 UTC

Good luck to HFA, I bet they really like fanbrat hair...

Lily's a woman of lots of secrets; she learnt to keep them close to her chest while in hiding and old habits definitely die hard. Doubly so when some of her secrets could be dangerous for Harry to know. I think she's the sort of person who thinks the fewer people know about this thing, the more control she has over it. I mean, what with all the prying eyes and gossips in this world, a well-kept secret is worth its weight in gold!

And I suspect she knows if she actually indulged Harry and sat him down for a family history, he'd fall asleep before she even got through his paternal grandparents. As much as Harry insists he wants there to be no secrets between them, I don't think he'd actually be content if he couldn't figure stuff out for himself sometimes.

Lily knows it's Peter, because Severina told her when she helped Lily escape. Other people may not know. But whether or not Sirius is involved in'll have to wait and see. And Gaunt had actually just faced some consequences at this time; the Potters were a retaliation, remember? ;)

Yeah, I reckoned Harry had a more complex wish here than just to know his family. He wants to know his dad, sure, but he also wants to not have to choose between his worlds, and not have the pressure of being his father's heir. Poor kid.

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