Subject: Thoughts
Posted on: 2023-02-21 01:16:21 UTC

  • That was a pretty neat interlude, and I like the concept!
  • Ouch on Charlie's spell getting ruined by the [BEEEEP].
  • Charlie, you're being way too enthusiastic about this mission
  • ... The "British" bit is funny
  • Heh on the very long monologue charge
  • I can see why Jiwon is concerned about the Lucario. The premise definitely doesn't have healthy relationship vibes.
  • ... It got worse
  • Poor Jiwon, having to put up with loud noises
  • Doing all the skipped-over smut in a coffin does sound rough
  • Using the fic's wording to pull of the water kill was a neat setup

Overall, nice stuff that I enjoyed reading.

- Tomash

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