Subject: re: re: mission & interlude
Posted on: 2023-02-21 14:30:00 UTC

re:re:interlude - Glad you liked it! And yeah, it was a bard spell - if there’s one thing I kinda regret about writing Charlie, it’s not establishing their magic earlier at some point since it’s pretty neat. Fully agree with your litmus test thoughts, too - I think Lily put it well when she said the old tests were designed to ‘make your characters rock partridges.’

And now for the re:mission notes: For a first-time smut sporking, especially one like this, I wanted to make the actual nasty parts of the fic and how it affected the Agents clear to readers - it’s nice to see that it worked out.

Jiwon taking the Anti-Lustin was pretty much just him being cautious on his first smut mission - being grossed out and uncomfortable from the fic and the naked Suvians instead of anything further was helped by the pills. And glad to hear Charlie’s more or less consistent! I’ve been trying to keep their specific style of casual underreaction steady ever since reading my earliest missions and realizing how inconsistent their personality got then.

And yeah, I was… genuinely surprised at how much the fic itself weakened any vampire that wasn’t the Special one. Water kills them, garlic kills them, the sun kills them, little rosaries kill them - like, not even the original Stoker Dracula didn’t suffer that badly from those things. Made for an interesting kill scene though!

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