Subject: re: mission
Posted on: 2023-02-21 03:43:41 UTC

Maaaaan. What did I just read. I feel bad that Jiwon and Charlie had to sit through all this, although Charlie’s deadpan delivery and aloofness reduce the grossness, as always. I am a little confused as to why Jiwon took anti-lustin, since he seems grossed out by the situation? Certainly not in danger of wanting to join in, or whatever.

I will give the fic one point, though: NOS-4-A2 turning into a Crobat was unexpected and funny. I also loved how understated the assassination of the Lucario was. I thought for sure a fight scene was about to ensue, and that only natural/flowing water could destroy a vampire, but nope! A bit of bottled Nestlé extortion is all that’s required! Love it. Funny that vampires would have water as weakness in a setting where a majority of the wild monsters can shoot water out of their mouths in some manner . . . (At least, it was a majority back in my day, not going to look up if it’s still true.) Lastly, I see the fic was published in 2011, and the author on a gothic, Medieval castle in the Pokémon world’s version of England . . . and then, years later, Sword and Shield come out with a huge focus on sports stadiums!

—doctorlit is amused to learn that the “NOS4A2” joke has been made by both a Disney cartoon and a horror novelist

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