Subject: Bunch of Lawful Neutrals, going out of their way to cause problems for others.
Posted on: 2023-03-01 12:43:12 UTC

I can understand the rules against adult content and real person fics. But all the other items banned by are legitimate forms of storytelling. Script format: That’s the works of Shakespeare banned. Songfics: How many tv series and films make use of nondiegetic song lyrics to give greater meaning to the story? Choose-you-own-adventure: Heck, I’m a veteran of Giving Myself Goosebumps! These rules are arbitrary and silly, and enforcing them doesn’t make the site better; it just limits the creative options of writers, and reduces the variety for readers.

Following rules isn't inherently right or moral, and it's definitely not right when they're used as an excuse for harassment.

—You are reading this doctorlit signature in second-person perspective right now.

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