Subject: Avenues of expression, dates of bans.
Posted on: 2023-03-03 14:02:59 UTC

I got curious as to when certain types of fic were banned on FFn, so I did a bit of research.

25 April 1999 - "Fanfic only" rule enforced, removing polls, questions, announcements etc

20 May 2001 - Anne Rice fanfic removed

1 April 2002 - Lists removed (they previously had their own category)

1 April 2002 - MSTs banned

7 April 2002 - Actor-fics banned

12 September 2003 - NC-17 fics banned

12 September 2002 - "Chat room or keyboard dialogue based entries" banned

6 February 2003 - Original fiction moved to FictionPress

22 March 2004 - Poetry category removed; original poetry banned

19 April 2004 - Clarification that the no-chat-dialogue rule means none at all, including author notes

30 April 2004 - "Original superheroes" category removed

27 July 2004 - Clarification that script format === chat dialogue

27 July 2004 - Clarification that CYOA and 2nd person are banned as interactive fiction

27 April 2005 - Clarification that pasting song lyrics into fic is banned

That's all I can find. Notably, I don't see any indication of when interactive fiction was banned - it may have been a founding condition of the site. Similarly, they don't ever seem to have explicitly banned song lyrics - just clarified that they already were banned.

Script format is rolled up under chat format, and banned on the simple grounds that it's usually bad. At least they're honest?


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