Subject: I at least get where FF.n was coming from with scriptfic and songfic...
Posted on: 2023-03-01 23:03:37 UTC

Both a) work best in a non-text-based medium, and b) lend themselves to extremely lazy and poor quality text-based works far more often than not.

Stageplays are meant to be acted. Songs are meant to be sung. In text form, both are somewhat less than the sum of their parts, and they don't work well. (See: how people can enjoy The Cursed Child in person while its flaws are glaring in text alone.)

Meanwhile, it's real easy to bang out lines of dialogue and call it a scriptfic, and it's real easy to jot a few words between copy & pasted song lyrics and call it a songfic. Hence, most of them are plotless, proseless tripe hardly deserving the label of "fiction." I don't entirely blame for asking people to post actual fiction, like with a narrative and stuff, on their fiction site.

... But that said, I agree 100% that spending time and energy policing people's style choices is a jerk move. If it sucks, by all means give critique, but reporting instead of critiquing is just as lazy as most scriptfic or songfic. {= P

~Neshomeh would be interested in any reports of actual fan stageplays or screenplays seen in the wild!

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