Subject: re: stage scripts, though:
Posted on: 2023-03-02 13:08:42 UTC

They typically at least need to start out as writing. Even Shakespeare needed to provide his actors with a script! And while you can argue that they're meant as directions to the actors, and not as content to be consumed in and of themselves, there's nothing wrong with making them available to be read. I've certainly read far more screenplays than I've seen performed, even as movie adaptations. (And I got decently invested in Cursed Child when I read it last year! I agree that a lot of the character moments fell flat without having narrative prose around the dialogue, but many such conversations were still quite good, and the overall plot didn't suffer for it.)

Bah, I've veered off quite a bit, haven't I? My point is, the perception of the Pit's founders that "scriptfic bad" shouldn't have wormed its way into the site rules and cut off an avenue of expression, especially for, you know. Literal teenagers who have no resources to produce actual stage performances!

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