Subject: Ah, the Space Commies are back!
Posted on: 2023-03-15 15:08:46 UTC

Like Nesh, I don't exactly know the gameplay side of 40K (I have, uh... one Chaos Marine somewhere, or did 20 years ago), but I can see this would be a very easy-to-use codex if I understood it. The layout is great, very tidy and readable. (For purely online purposes, a linked contents list to the major sections would be handy; I know there's one down in the middle but it's only for the one section.)

I mostly read the lore sections, and loved the wry humour speckled through them. The warlord so covered in medals that they're hard to hit stood out, as did the Imperial commentary on "abominable weapons", and the various nudges that maybe the T'au aren't actually sweetness and light that everybody loves - "this doctrine of the Fire Caste is well known among the auxiliaries, sometimes even by choice". (I see there's no mention of telepathic mind control in here. [Ducks])

How much of what you've written about is original? A quick look at Lexicanum shows that the Kroot are relatively well fleshed out in the canon, for instance, but it looks like the detailed variant morphs are mostly yours? How about the other auxiliaries, and things like the artefacts and vehicles?


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