Subject: The book he's reading
Posted on: 2023-03-16 22:53:45 UTC

It's Farsight something or other. Looks like there are a couple of them, and I'm not sure which one he's on.

He mentioned the Scar Lords Space Marine chapter, which sounds just incredibly messed up and makes the T'au look very good by comparison! {= D Apparently there's a saying that "the Emperor judges you not by your medals, but by your scars," and these dudes decided to take it literally—not only do they prevent their wounds from fully healing, they allow themselves to be horrifically disfigured. Also they have a ship called Scabbard of Flesh. Which. Um. Well, Phobos speculates they might be descended from the Emperor's Children. {X D

He also mentioned a bit where one of the T'au touches a broken Gellar drive (having never seen one before and not knowing better), and basically gets Black Oil'd by demons. Whoops.

I don't think he's quite convinced they're all sweetness and light, I'm afraid. Apparently their caste rigidity is pretty extreme; like, if you're a scribe (i.e. not a mechanic) and you dare to take an interest in the mechanical data pad or whatever that you're scribing on, you can get beat up for not staying in your lane? And then there's that whole fifth caste nobody talks about. Pretty shady!


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