Subject: Thank you for your response!
Posted on: 2023-03-16 14:20:09 UTC

Much like with the Fenrykan Heresy, I wanted to post this here so that you specifically got to engage with it and not miss out. You always provide really valuable input. =]

Fun fact about the Kroot morphs: the only one that's original is actually the Greater Knarloc in the Lords Of War section, and that's an adaptation of the old Forge World Great Knarloc that used to be a Heavy Support unit in 8th edition. The Vultures, Stalkers, Headhunters, and suchlike all come from the 3rd edition Kroot army list from an ancient Chapter Approved article in an old issue of White Dwarf. This was shortly after the T'au were first introduced as a faction, back in the year I'm Not Old Shut Up No I'm Not.

The Kroot are mostly adapted from old Geedubs stuff. This is not the case for almost every other client race in the faction, because Games Workshop kind of decided to ignore the T'au Empire's pluralistic approach in favour of designing more big shooty jetpack robots. I've invented basically everything about the units for those races, simply because they never come up! That all said, every alien species that makes an appearance in the army list has appeared somewhere in an official Games Workshop product before, even if they were just a fleeting reference in a bit of wargear backstory. I've expanded on them out of necessity but I have included zero original species. That was a point of principle; I've seen a few fandexes for the Auxiliaries floating around, and rather than explore and fill out the client races that already exist, they just went full Original Character Donut Steel instead, and I was left entirely unfulfilled. =]

Finally, thank you for your kind comment about the wry remarks in the lore snippets. My personal favourite is the name of one of the Warlord Traits, "Coalition of the Mostly Willing". I do intend on adding lore paragraphs to each unit listing and having that as the 1.1 PDF release, so watch this space. =]

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