Subject: How did you discover fanfic, and what effects did it have on your life?
Posted on: 2023-09-01 07:46:13 UTC

Title. I was thinking about this earlier today while reminiscing about stories I loved as a kid.

I discovered fanfiction when I was twelve, and went looking for information about the then-unpublished eighth book in the Sisters Grimm series. I ended up on the Pit itself, finding speculative stories about what would happen in the next installment. I was just trying to find out if the main character would smooch my fictional crush at the time!

But discovering fanfic got me writing fanfic, and obviously led me here! I've met some amazing friends through the PPC, even crashed on the couch of one multiple times (hi, Scape!). Fanfic and fandom became such huge parts of who I am I can't imagine where I would be today without them.

It was a doorstopper of a Castlevania fanfic that I finished writing that made me consider—well, if I could do this, why couldn't I do it for an original universe? Agents Ix, Charlotte, and Lorson got recycled into the protagonists, and those of you who were so kind as to pick up my first novel Gloaming know the result.

So I'm curious about what stories a group of fanfic lovers have to share!

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