Subject: Let's see...
Posted on: 2023-09-01 11:31:14 UTC

It's a bit complicated in my case, 'cause when I was a kid (talking about 6-7 years old!) I already had an habit of imaginining and sometimes writing (with pen and paper!) stories involving me and my favourite animated characters... I was not aware of that being basically fanfiction, or that such a concept existed!

All of that remained "in the drawer", however, for another good 6-7 years, though, as while we got a computer when I was 9 years old (in 2000) and so I did start writing stuff on computer, and saving them as Wordpad then Word docs on floppy discs (There might be people here who never saw one... It's the thing the Save icon is shaped as, for the record), we still had fairly expensive dial-up here at the time, so we only used Internet very occasionally. It wasn't until we got flat-rate ADSL a few years later, when I was 13-14 years old (and by then I also had my own computer) that I properly started looking for stuff about the series I liked online.

I think one of the earlier sites hosting fanworks I stumbled upon was an Italian fanfiction archive called Italian Multi Fanfiction Archive - it's still up somehow despite no activity on the site for almost twenty years, though it clearly was meant for older computers, and it was notable for having very early Internet bright colored backgroudn pages for the various sections, with the one about works by CLAMP notable for being a very obnoxious magenta which I believe is the closest real-world equivalent of Urple - I would spend time reading the stories there, mostly Cardcaptor Sakura ones, only to end up raising my eyes afterwards and feeling that the wall had suddenly turned green... It was also where I had my first experience with bad fanfiction, and years later I took my first "fanfiction disappointment" from there as the subject of my first PPC mission.

The first time I truly got involved in fandom and fanfiction writing was not there on the IM-FA, though, but on the official forum for Moony Witcher's book series Nina, the child of the Sixth Moon, around 2005-2006. In particular April 13th 2006 marks the day I sparked the idea for a massiver crossover fanfiction from which several of my characters originated - including a couple of my PPC agents. Shortly afterwards I got involved in writing on other forums as well, mostly Detective Conan and Knight Rider ones, but it wasn't until 2012 when I began writing IrregularS that I actually posted anything on a "proper" fanfiction archive. Something I didn't repeat until I moved my stuff on AO3 recently.

Since then, though, I mostly focused on my own solo "big projects" and occasional collaborations with friends, with a small parenthesis around 2014 when I worked for some time with the team making the Italian reboot of the Battle Fantasia Project massive crossover fanfiction. Unfortunately, the thing fizzled out around 2015 before really going anywhere, with the sub-arc that I was going to write never leaving the planning stage.

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