Subject: Bit late to the question, but...
Posted on: 2023-09-03 05:11:17 UTC

I first technically got to writing fanfic when I was still in the single-digits. I would draw (very poorly) me and/or my family members as superpowered '''heroes''' going about and beating up fictional characters from series I didn't like - in shoddy checkerboard comic format, because I didn't know how to write.

This eventually led to me realizing I could make stories about things I like as well, so I ended up creating yet another poorly drawn comic, this one about a self-insert's adventures through the Pokemon canon. Granted, I was young and my only experience with the canon was through the trading card games (somehow) so looking back on it it's kind of funny how off base from the actual source material it is. In fact, I've had a WIP mission on a few of my old comics lying around for a while now.

Anyways, eventually I grew older, learned the very basics of creative writing, used it to make more 'beat up the canons'-type fics on random notebooks I had lying around. Then, while I was browsing TV Tropes in my early teens (I think I was looking up something on naginatas?), I ended up on the ol' classic Wiki Walk for a bunch of hours. I saw the Sue-Hunters page, which led to the PPC page, and I think it just appealed to younger me's "killing and mocking 'bad' things seems cool" tendencies because I got to reading missions. I read through Ix's (all of them in like two or three weeks, I think), Voyd's, Nesh's, and a bunch more spinoffs, and the more I read the more I felt I wanted to write like them, I wanted to write funny, snarky meta pieces in this shared universe. So... I ended up seriously stepping into the world of creative writing for the first time, and also learned about the actual widespread phenomena that is fanfic.

And honestly? Joining this group unironically changed my life. It made me realized that I could actually write decently (especially considering I had, like, almost zero training in it when I started), and that I really enjoyed it. I've been plotting out so many ideas for stories that may or may not ever get published, and this hobby as a whole has just brought so many experiences in my life that I don't think I ever would have had if I simply decided to skip reading this group's trope page that one random day. I think it personally helped me change for the better too, but that'd take a bit more detail than I'm ready to share on a fully public forum.

So... yeah, fanfic's definitely left some kind of impact on my life at least. Good memories.

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