Subject: Does no-one remember us?
Posted on: 2009-07-09 21:27:00 UTC

We here at Fanfic Land are starting to get a little worried. We haven't seen any of our great writers in the PPC section for quite a while... in fact, it's been a whole year!! Have you all forgotten about us?!

But since we don't hold grudges, we forgive you all. In fact, we'd love to have you back -- or if you're a new writer since last year, we'd just love to have you! So why not come by, show off your creative talents, at Fanfic Land -- The Fanfic You Can't Find Anywhere Else!

((Or, in other words, it's July again, which makes it time for the annual PPC Badfic Game. This is the game where we poke fun at:

1) Badfic authors.
2) Reviewers of badfic authors, be they squealing fangirls, bitter flamers, or whatever.
3) Ourselves and the entire PPC.

We do this, of course, by writing deliberately bad fanfiction of the PPC. The conceit is that an internet archive, Fanfic Land, accepts fanfic of the PPC -- so anything you'd see in LotR, Potterverse, Redwall or whatever shows up in the PPC section.

Unfortunately my coding skills aren't massive, so what we (and 'we' means anyone on the Board -- this game doesn't require Permission or anything else) actually do is post stories and reviews on the Board (in this thread, please, and preferably with reviews all attached to the right stories), and I upload them all onto FfL. And make things like author bios while I do so.

Now, this is all supposed to be fun -- and remember, if you get flamed, it's not real, it's just another aspect of the game -- so enjoy yourselves! It'd help me if people can include a rating, genre and summary on their stories, and an author bio if you aren't a return customer, or want to update yours ;). Plus, remember to pick a badfic author name for yourself -- you can see the sort of things people use on the PPC Section of FfL. Let's see if we can keep the thread entirely in-character.



((Oh, and to anticipate a comment from Laburnum, you're probably best off not writing about Stormsong or Skyfire, for copyright reasons. The rest of the PPC, though -- anyone or anything in it -- is available for you to do anything to. Take a look over the past three years' entries if you don't believe me! ~hS))

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