Subject: Re: Interlu—*HONK*
Posted on: 2019-10-29 03:33:16 UTC

Aw, what a cute little goose! Isn't it so funny how things like spatulas that couldn't have any instinctual meaning to an animal can just grab their attention? Like, what's a goose going to do with a spatula? So silly! Honk honk!

It sure was mean of all those DoSAT technicians to go chasing after the little goose! He wasn't hurting anything by being there! He was just exploring his environment! I'm glad they didn't catch him. What a good boy! Little honker boy!

Aw, I like picturing the little goose waddle. Look at his little legs go! Waddle, waddle, waddle, honk, honk! Birds are so pretty.

Now, it was very irresponsible of that Andalite lady to leave a weapon like a lightsaber sitting around where an innocent animal could get to it. Animals don't understand that we humans sapient people make things like weapons that are designed to be dangerous and hurtful, and that poor bird could have injured himself. I'm very disappointed in DoSAT's poor safety measures in that regard.

Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Is the little goose a good birdie? I think he is! Honk, honk! Good boy, goose friend!

Oh, good! I'm glad he got all those mean humans out of the room! Animals are at their best when we let them be themselves. Now he can explore without any interruptions!

What a clever birdie! I'm so glad he found what he needed and got home. He'll be much happier without all those mean people around. It's amazing how smart animals can be!

Good boy, goose.

—doctorlit is allowed to root for the goose

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