Subject: Planning: What I'm thinking, what I need from you.
Posted on: 2019-10-30 15:32:19 UTC

Okay, so! Lots of volunteers. Excellent!

A couple notes:

I want to give priority to characters that didn't have an appearance in the original story, but I'm also happy to work in those who have for the lulz. If we can give Alex goose-related nightmares and cover the Notary in some substance again, I'm so there for that. ^_^

Also, I intend to set this in FicPsych's evening, say about 8:00-9:00 pm, for Reasons. Looking at my timetable, I apparently made the mistake of only having specialists Immac and Singer with office hours at that time, but it's more like guidelines than actual rules, so let's say Elms and Mirrad are also open to having appointments. (Jenni is very much off duty and is about to have her evening quite spectacularly ruined. {= > )

Now, bearing the above in mind, here's what I need:

  1. Which character(s) are you using?
  2. Why are they there? Some I can guess generally (and I don't need an answer for Jacques ^_~ ), but be specific. If they're dropping off canon characters, which one(s)? If they have an appointment, who with? (Multiple people at once can be there to visit kitties!) If it's something else, what?

The less I have to work out by myself, the greater the chances this actually gets done this year. ^_~



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