Subject: Oh, does it?
Posted on: 2019-10-30 21:02:46 UTC

Excellent :)

Gerry is the Nurse who used to be in the DBS (and was Dawn's partner during her brief stint there). He's still developing, but essentially:

-he tries to present himself as relatively calm, and likes to drink green tea on his breaks. -he may or may not have the mostly hidden ability to manifest draconic characteristics when very upset. -he transferred to his current department because he wanted to help characters (and people in general) and thought cutting out the witnessing of harm being done to them might be a good plan. It was, though he underestimated how limited the help he's allowed to give is (or, at least, how much those limits would frustrate him).

There's now also this from tonight's all-write, wherein he's somehow wound up in some canon (maybe a version of his home canon, I have no idea) without a portal generator handy. I don't know if it's even remotely canonical at this point, or rather how to fit it into canon in a way that makes sense (though he could always have taken a bit of not so mythical vacation time after 10+ years of probably not very much of it and wound up in this situation), but I think it's reasonably true to who he is, at any rate.


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