Subject: First Mission!
Posted on: 2019-11-03 00:12:26 UTC

Over two years after getting permission, my first mission is finally finished! It turns out that a combination of PTSD, pneumonia, and a life threatening heart arrhythmia makes it very hard to get any writing done. I would like to thank Neshomeh for doing an excellent job beta reading this mission (and being very patient with me not responding while dealing with all of that). Be warned that the fic being missioned is NSFW and contains rape. The fic consists of the agents dealing with a slashwraith that doesn't realize that realize that Marin Karin Is Not Consent.

The badfic in question is still up on AO3 and even has a sequel, if you feel brave enough to look for it. Be warned that it is long, bad, NSFW, and has some charges not mentioned in the mission, including trans fetishization (despite having only cis characters) and "BDSM" that would actually break the victim. I was originally planning on missioning the fic through that point, but decided against it as the resulting mission would be way too long. The mission is still a little longer than I expected, although it does have a lot of badfic to cover. Actually writing it was fairly easy, as there was a rather perfect coincidence to add some conflict for the agents to deal with and no shortage of things to point out and mock.

One question prompted by parts of the fic I didn't get to: Does DoSAT have a division/workshop for repairing broken canonical items/characters? Had I continued as far as I originally planned, someone would have needed some major repairs, so it would be good to know if I can go to DoSAT if I run into something similar in the future.

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