Subject: Well done.
Posted on: 2019-11-06 12:56:32 UTC

I have no idea who the canon characters are and what they are supposed to do, so I just liked to read about your agents and I hope I’ll see more of them. But I think I spotted some missing words:

The agents knew that wasn’t going to a good place to hide, and managed to make a desk pop in over them. Shouldn’t this be "going to be a good place"?

Her eyes remained glued to scene. Shouldn’t this be "to the scene"?

and neither of them would able to scratch Hamuko through the right persona Shouldn’t this be "would be able"?

“Hey, cutie,” Elena began, reaching her across the table, “why don’t we go liven up the dance floor?” I’m not actually sure what’s missing here, but the phrase looks incomplete to me.

Also, when Hamuko and Fuuka briefly spouted an extra pair of arms, I wonder whether you may have intended to write "sprouted".


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