Subject: Your opinion on "Fugitive Of The Judoon" is noted.
Posted on: 2020-02-02 14:07:14 UTC

It shall be treated with the respect that you demonstrably have for science fiction and your comprehension of what went on in the most recent Doctor Who episode, which is to say less than none.

I find it quite curious that you summon such vitriol for this idea, and given your previous burst sewer main impersonations on women in specfic I am obliged to conclude that you would not do the same were it a white man in the same position. Of course, given that what you have asserted was not even slightly what the deal is with [SPOILER REDACTED], I question why you said what you did at all: it's just a meaningless, incoherent stream of invective, trying to invoke some prelapsarian nostalgia for Hartnell-era Who before all those icky girls started doing important things other than scream and turn an ankle.

In any event, I'd appreciate it if you stopped vomiting up any further rants about specfic, or at least know what the blue shpx you're talking about first. I mean, it's Doctor Who, for God's sake, you don't exactly need a postgraduate qualification to understand what's going on.

Though I do have one of those. So. Yeah.

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