Subject: I've tried to stay out of it this time, but I agree with Ix *so much*.
Posted on: 2020-02-02 15:08:43 UTC

Minh, I've honestly gotta ask: exactly what part of "we don't want you to keep clogging the Board with your whiny rants about sci-fi, because we are all very, very, very sick of that by now" are you having trouble with? Because I'm losing count of how many times you've been told that we don't want to listen to that anymore.

Gods, it must be exhausting to rage and whine about things you don't like all the time. I can't even imagine. And how boring is that? To think so much about what you hate? Is this all you do? Because I'm genuinely having trouble remembering a single actually constructive, or hell, interesting discussion we've had with you here that didn't somehow swerve into "I hate politics I don't agree with intruding on modern sci-fi, which means that modern sci-fi sucks and I've gotta outline all the ways it sucks" sooner or later.

(I'm not even going into you airing your hatred for leftist media again, because I don't need that kind of debate - but what you're showing of your opinion on women and POC in sci-fi is painting a less than flattering image of you.)

If Ix reopens the vote, I'm voting for a ban. Because I've had enough.

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