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Posted on: 2020-02-05 01:59:20 UTC

Mate, I thought we thoroughly established a long time ago that I don't disagree with the politics in question. I have no problem with feminism, homosexual relationships, climate change (something that I strongly believe needs to be addressed before we deal with any of our societal issues), alternate sexuality and gender situations (which I will refute that I am strictly neutral on, since I don't really give a damm whether someone was born male or female or whatever; and thus will treat such people as I'd treat someone of the gender they present as/treat someone as I would if they lack gender and wish to be treated as such/ect), or any of the other controversial issues that have come up in the shows I have such a negative opinion on.

I'm sorry if I've come across in a way that is contrary to my actual opinion. I do have communicative issues, and I don't always phrase my arguments and explanations in a way that conveys my exact meaning. Remember that massive argument that I had with you all when people were calling me right wing, and I was trying to prove I was left wing? I have trouble with stuff like that, and it got really stressful. I don't deal with stress well, and when multiple people are accusing me of belonging to the political right; I feel pressured, and thus I end up digging myself a deeper hole, so to speak.

Look, if you want to ban me, that's the community's decision. I won't argue it, I won't come back with sockpuppet accounts like a certain individual (you all know who I mean), and I'll respect that you don't want me here. I'm not so immature that I'll throw a tantrum about it, nor am I the sort to dump responsibility for my actions on the shoulders of others. If I'm banned from the community, it's not because 'other people are horrible' or 'it's bullying'; it's because I've been a ass, and I made the wrong choices.

I understand that I'm a abrasive person with a tendency to rant about things I dislike; and I understand that this community has told me before that what I'm doing is Not OK. To be fair, I really didn't understand that you meant that the rants were the problem. I thought everyone meant that talking about my dislike for something in a direct manner was the problem, not just displaying dislike in a indirect manner.

In the end though, I have done wrong by everyone, and in the end; all I can say is that I'm sorry. It means nothing, but it's all I can say. I've made an ass of myself, I've damaged my reputation more than I've contributed towards anything productive, and I've earned the ill-will of this community. It's now increasingly apparent to me that I'm just not very well liked online. I thought that people on Whateley Academy at least valued me as a member of the community, but then I walked in on the Discord talking about me behind my back and saying they hated me. That's one of the three online communities I'm actively involved in right now, and this group is one of the two others. I do need to fix my ways.

Tl;dr? Sorry.

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