Subject: I’m sorry?
Posted on: 2020-02-04 20:32:59 UTC

My favourite companion is Ace. Y’know, the one who hit a Dalek with a baseball bat.

I don’t disagree the screaming women bit was sexist as hell. I don’t disagree that I’ve come across as a wee bit sexist.

But don’t you dare assume for one second that I’m outright sexist. I love the diversity in The Expanse. My favourite character is Naomi Nagata, and she’s about as diverse as you can get.

It’s not that I don’t disagree with the politics. It’s the heavy-handed fisting of propoganda these shows try to do to the audience that really gets me mad. Good writers should use allegory to convey messages. Not have the Doctor stand up at the end of each episode and lecture everyone watching. That’s just poor screenwriting.

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