Subject: To expand a little...
Posted on: 2020-02-04 21:02:03 UTC

The Orville has two gay characters, one of whom is transgender, and they have a transgender child. Do I have a problem with Commander Bortus, Klyden, and Topa?

No, because- while the show spent a entire episode on the matter- it isn't brought up at every available opportunity, or used as the entire personality for the character.

BSG replaced Dirk Benedict's Starbuck with Katee Sackhoff's Kara Thrace. Do I disagree with the replacement of a male character with a female character?

No, because Katee Sackhoff does a much better job in the role than Benedict, while making her Starbuck distinct from the original Starbuck. On the other hand, Jodie Whittaker just rips off a combination of David Tennant and Matt Smith for her Doctor's unique personality. She doesn't make the character distinct.

The Expanse has a bunch of people from many different ethnic backgrounds, including Pacific Islanders, Asians (a ethnic group which I belong to, just as an aside), and caucasians. All are equally represented, and the show just presents the situation without comment. Do I dislike this diversity? No, because it isn't forced.

The Orville, Expanse, and BSG are very diverse shows. I love all of them for their approach to storytelling, and their avoidance of being overly preachy and heavy handed. It's not that I dislike woman and ethnic groups having representation. I dislike it when that's focused on to the detriment of storytelling or the fact that television is meant to entertain first, and inform last (unless it's a documentary).

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